Exotic Love
Have you ever been recklessly in love? The type of love that can be exotic but dangerous. For Chris and Winter love is never painless but it's always worth fighting for.
Written by Krystle & Keisha
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Chapters Characters Adrian, Chance & Autumn

Hey girlies Krystle coming through and we know we’ve been MIA but Keisha been tied up in school and I’ve been doing the same plus writing my own stories (Devil in Disguise and Even if it Hurts) now we want to start it up again but revamp and start over. Are y’all with it?

Hey guys. Scrapping this story amd starting ober some. Please stay tuned.. came back form a crazy ass year.

I miss this so much please update, I promise to leave my fb please thank you .

aw babe :( SOON!


I promise.. please give me time




faded….hard lol
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